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Part of being good at what you do is being able to explain what it is that you do. In this free six day experimental intensive for MIT graduate students, you will learn and workshop six skills useful to ensure your research connects with a range of audiences:


Choosing appropriate language to avoid overwhelming your audience,


Using narrative to explain why your research is important,

Prior Work

Synthesizing prior work to convey where yours fits in by highlighting differences,

Controlling Focus

Controlling focus in order to minimize cognitive load when presenting data,


Building in time for an audience to process when explaining how something works, and


Distilling your message when time and attention spans are short.


Course Instructor

Tony Eng

Tony Eng

Lead Course Instructor
Senior Lecturer



The source material for this intensive will be a comic book series written expressly for Gradcommx Live.

Video Case Studies

A six episode series of videos featuring MIT graduate students in the form of documentary & animation will be used to highlight key learnings.

Designed Around Your Schedule

Gradcommx Live was designed to be additive to your normal student schedule. The course is comprised of 6 meetings over a 2 week timeframe (attendance to all six meetings is required).

Small Class Size

Gradcommx Live workshops are limited to 15-20 students at any given time so that instructors can give you the personalized feedback necessary to advance within your communication skills. For that reason, if you miss the first session, your spot will be given to someone on the waitlist.


Gradcommx Live was designed to be useful to the entirety of the MIT graduate student population by the Office of Graduate Education.


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