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Words by Tony Eng & Art by Patrick Yurick

We are pleased to present the first six issues of our professional development comic book series “Technically Speaking” by MIT Senior Lecturer, Tony Eng, with illustrations by Patrick Yurick. 

You can start reading by downloading the full graphic novel or scroll down to read each issue individually. 

Keeping Audience  In Mind

Choosing The Right Words

Your audience is comprised of multiple types of members who have diverse interests and backgrounds. Read this comic in order to learn how to craft communication aimed at connecting to as many people as possible.

Giving Context

Using Narrative

How do you tell a great story connecting your research, and the problem it is solving, to the lives of your audience? This comic will breakdown how narrative can enhance your next presentation.

Giving Context

Highlighting Differences

Visuals used in scientific presentations can often be overwhelming and even compete with you for your audience’s attention. This comic explains how to show the landscape of previous work to your research using a visual. 

Explaining The Technical

Buying The Audience Time

How do you take a complex subject and parse it down in order to teach it? This comic provides examples and methods for how to explain work to audiences comprised of novice, as well as expert, learners. 

Controlling Focus

Explaining While Exploring

Truly great presentations can feel almost magical. But why? What is the presenter doing that allows you to seamlessly flow between what is being said and what is being shown? This comic breaks down how you can do just that. 

Being Concise

Summarizing The Summary

Summarizing your work is something all researchers need to be able to do – whether in an email, abstract, or presentation. This comic presents strategies that allow you to hold multiple levels of summarization in your head as you approach your work.